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uberrockStrolling on the web we’ve found this review for Tragik on über-Rock:

Let’s talk about the obvious elephant in the room – THAT cover: It’s not a great decision to lead with this artwork to be honest as the band are more in the line of Foreigner than some LA sleazy, sex-obsessed young band so straight away many would simply pick it up and assume it’s something it’s not and put it back down again.

Beside that, this eleven-track album isn’t half bad. The sixth album from Tragik combines big hooks, thunderous bass lines and pristine production. The album encompass bands such as the aforementioned Foreigner along with Boston and they specialise in AOR/Melodic Rock all of which main man Phil Vincent has mastered in both songwriting and execution and while they can mainly be described as a melodic hard rock band they aren’t afraid to expand slightly with tracks such as the McCartney-drenched ‘When The Darkness Falls’ through to the 12 minute prog rocker of ‘Rescue Me/Rise To The Sun’.

Tracks such as the Foreigner-compared opener, ‘Where Would I Be’, litter this album and with the soft yet rocking voice of Vincent, it’s an easy album to listen to and let breathe and radiate around you as they dip in and out of a classic sound that when done this good can rarely be faulted. If a track such as ‘You Are The One’ was written by a band such as Journey or Boston people would be queuing up to by this album so it’s easy to see why this album has been getting some decent reviews.

It’s far from tragic but the name and artwork (including a strangely provocative EPK on YouTube) haven’t helped them expand into the bigger band they could be – and maybe deserve to be? The album itself is the stuff of a top band, the promotional tools used to aid simply aren’t. Forget the cover, use you ears only for this one. A few small tweaks could really help this band grow worldwide.

To Pick it up: Rock Company

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