Brazilian AORsters (Br) 1999

Brazilian AORSters
Phil Vincent No Turning Back

MULTI-instrumentalist PHIL VINCENT is surely the kind of those one-man bands around. His expertise with all kinds of rock instruments makes it viable for him to write, arrange, perform, produce and mix all of his own good music!

Phil Vincent’s sad melodies recalls Dare. There is no space for party rock tunes here although up-tempo heavy rockers like "Undone", "Never Enough", "Chasing Shadows", "No Turning Back", and "Code" are strong numbers that relieve the overall dramatic desolation expressed by deep, gloom and intelligent art. When I listened to songs as "Outcast" and "Game Of Fools", I noticed that he wanted to show, lyrically and musically, inner feelings like sorrow and pain, trying to share his sentiments with the listener. Actually, there are lots of words of wisdom on "No Turning Back": a disc surrounded by imperative neo-classical piano and keyboards, raw and razor yet melodic guitars, big choruses, and cool vocal harmonies.

Phil Vincent showcased a real epic pomp album full of Beatles like melodies here and there, mammoth synths and guitars interplay, and titanic songwriting. Witness some unforgettable lyrics that almost made me cry, but made me sing along! If the album No Turning Back had had a brighter production, it would have been a "must have". I’m looking forward to hearing from Phil Vincent’s new CD shortly. In the meantime, I’ll keep on flying high on world class songs like "Game Of Fools" and "Alone" (our MP3 track).

8.7 out o f 10 (Guilherme Jr.) To buy this CD

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