Fireworks review D`Ercole oktober 2010


Another issue of Fireworks, another Phil Vincent album to review! One of the most prolific recording artists of the last few years, and no stranger to this magazine, Phil is the singer and keyboardplayer with Tragik and Circular Logik, and also has a long list of solo CD´s under his belt. But this time around, as the name suggests, the lead role is given to Phil´s Tragik band mate Damian D´Ercole. Damian supplies the bulk of the guitar work, Phil performs the vocals and keyboards, and the band is completed by bassist William Arnold and drummer Tane DeAngelis. So if this is basically a collaboration between D´Ercole and Vincent, why is it not under the Tragik Moniker? Well it´s actually quite different to the Tragik material, admittedly this album is not as diverse or eclectic, hence the need for a different name. But is it any good?

Well yes, in fact it´s very good. I will warn you that it´s not instant, it does take quite a few spins to really get into this CD, but it´s worth it. The guitar riffs are crunching and powerful, and the overall sound is raw and in your face. There are no ballads here, just 10 tracks of powerful Hard Rock, but with plenty of variation and depth. For instance the straight ahead rock of the likes of opener  Desperate, Nothin´ To Me and Destiny, to the harder, more contemporary sounding It´s A Lie, and the aggressive Face To Face, to the pulsating Don´t Wanna Be Like You, and I Won´t Be Denied, with it´s synth intro that hints at Depeche Mode, before the guitar cuts in.

As an example, if you like the sound that Winger created with their recent Karma CD, particularly the first half of the album, then you will definitely like this. Worth checking out.


Ant Heeks

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