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"Thunder from the East"
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Fifth release within three years for the talented american artist Phil Vincent who makes all on his own, but this time he is supported by a real label. The opener "Friend of foe" is superlative, rich of keys and power guitars for a strong AOR song between White Sister, Foreigner and Harlan Cage; the cd goes on with the seducing hook-lines of the vigorous AOR "When love is gone" and the pompous atmospheres of the uptempo "Guilty", making Larry Greene & Co turn pale. "Eye to eye" may recall "Look at what you got" by Touch/Drive She Said, while "Keeping distance" is very similar to Yes "Owner of a lonely heart" main riff, but then it goes on pompous grounds, placing with the power ballads "Trying to lose you" and "Forever and a day" (in the Heavens Edge style) two more classy shots. The only track of a lower level is "Into temptation", a theatre-rock-style song à-la Robby Valentine, but as a whole "Thunder from the East" will drive crazy the fans of Harlan Cage, Drive She Said and White Sister. Buy it and try to get also the previous album, in particular "No turning back".

Andrea Bertamino

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