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Here an overview of the mnay excellent reviews that keep coming in:

  • Dutch site White Room Reviews writes about Legion: “Rising shows that Legion can still rock. Good thing they are back”
  • US site Sea Of Tranquility rate Cranston - II with 4 / 5 stars: “CranstoN proves to be an excellent venture with a professional production and melodies all over the place. A highly recommended release”
  • and they appreciate D’Ercole‘s Made To Burn with 3.5 / 5 stars: “If you enjoy melodic hard rock and AOR with strong lead vocals there should be a lot to love here”
  • Then on to Dutch site Lords Of METAL: a 72 / 100  for Phil Vincent‘s Hypocrite album: “another very enjoyable album”
  • and a 75 / 100 for Legion and Rising: ” interesting from start to finish, I like Rising so maybe I should start tracking down their back catalogue”
  • Phil Vincent did an extensive interview with Swedish site Rock United which you can read in full here 
  • Musipedia of Metal rate Legion with a 7 / 10: “on the basis of this album I’d happily hear a lot more of this rock band”

More To Come!