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Jason from Get Ready To Rock not only wrote some very kind words about the twentieth solo album from Phil, he also put together an interview with him.

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Another review was publised on Your Music Blog. More kind words, go read them here.

CranstonIt has been hard keeping track of all the reviews for CranstoN. Yet should you need some more reason the buy the album, why not check out these pages:



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Dmitry from DMME page Let It Rock has written a damn fine review of the CranstoN album. It gets 4 /5 stars! Read it there, or continu reading:

CRANSTON – Cranston

Rock Company 2016

CRANSTON - Cranston


Rock and a hard place: heavy trio strut their stuff in dramatically arresting way.

Lately, there’s been a whole slew of albums that Phil Vincent, he of LEGION glory, lent his pipes to, and this one finds the singer sharing the spotlight with ONLY CHILD’s Paul Sabu, a guitar foil to stars. Both schooled in AOR, together the duo and B.F. D’Ercole on drums deliver an impressive set of originals that cleverly hide jagged hooks under memorable lines, and large-caliber choruses which shoot to thrill, rather than kill. In such an environment, lyrical cliches like “pedal to the metal” don’t seem unavoidable, but they’re par for the course when it comes to stirring arenas.

The rock ‘n’ roll ardor and singalong melodies on “Queen Of The Pain” and “Fallen” are truly irresistible, while the weighty splashes behind “You Oughta Know” show a serious intent, and the emotional charge relents only in “Sea Of Madness” where ballad waves crash against reefs of riffs. From the bass rumble of “Long, Long Way To Go” on, there’s a nice sway to the songs, with “Let It Go” demonstrating an unexpected raga tint, and “Trouble Ahead” tapping into the heart of Delta until heavenly harmonies kick it out of acoustically tinctured blues. The album’s many layers require delicate unraveling, yet it’s a rewarding process. A solid, if not revolutionary, work.