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thisisrock175Here another round of reviews.

  • First the picture on the left. It is in Spanish from the This Is Rock magazine, edition 175. We are told it is a good review. The writer only a slight problem with the sound of the drums
  • next is a review for Cranston - II on DMME. Writer Dmitry calls it "a sophomore effort that bares their arena-minded ambition" and hand a very nice 3 3/4 out of 5 stars!
  • Next Your Music Blog, also on Cranston - II. They say "Lots of variation in between the 11 tracks. But all prove that Phil and Paul have a great thing going. Fingers crossed we are treated to more of this."
  • and the last one for now is from another Spanish site, Viri AOR, also on Cranston - II. Writer Alicia has a lot of good things to say about the album and 5 stars and a Recomended prove the point.

Thank you to all the writers!

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Here a couple of recent reviews that have caught our attention:

  • First is Glory Daze Music writing about the second Cranston release and handing it a 8.5/10!
  • Second is Paul Woodward at Fireworks Magazine calling D'Ercole's Made To Burn album one of Phil's strongest to date!
  • and last but not least we have for you Jason Ritchie from Get Ready To Rock, with a 4/5 stars for Cranston- II

Check the links for details and thanks to the writers!

Here a quick update on some reviews that came to our attention:

DERCOLE Made To Burn front500Your Music Blog wrote about latest D'Ercole album Made to Burn here.

Ande more beautiful words coming from Dmitry over at And with a score of 4 1/3 out of 5, we are very happy!





cranston II front500One of the blogs out there wrote some very nice words about the new Cranston album. Read why they give it a Highly Recommended:

To be released tomorrow, the simply titled "II" is indeed the second album from CRANSTON, the band formed three years go by vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Phil Vincent, his former band mate in D'Ercole drummer B.F. D'Ercole, and the legendary Paul Sabu on guitar.
What isn't 'simply' for sure is the material on offer here; a strong bunch of classic melodic hard rockers full of bounce and displaying the best Sabu's guitar work / songwriting in years.

While CranstoN first album was a good one, this second effort blow it out of the water on all aspects: all songs are good, arrangements & production better, and Sabu's guitar playing is on fire.
Paul Sabu's last solo album from some years ado resulted 'cold' in my humble opinion, then on CranstoN's self-titled debut his work was fine however with not much room to shine, but here the talented guitarist seems to have re-captured his essence delivering some truly awesome riffs and solos to boot. 

CranstoN "II" has the 'good songs' you need to success - well written and catchy tunes - Vincent has proven his talents and skills over the years, but what really takes this CD to another level is Sabu's work.
His sweet riffs on the melodic rock tunes"Always on the Run", "What's it Gonna Take" or the AORish "Wrong Side of Town" bringing to mind Paul's early albums. 

Nicely, "II" is not circumscribed to only one genre, and they suddenly drop a poppy melodious song worthy of massive attention in the form of "Wish I Had More Time" (with Sabu performing cool acoustics as well). Here, as happens on some songs on the CD, Vincent sings with a vocal tone reminiscent of Night Ranger's Keally Keagy which I like a lot and fits the material.

Then, the band change course to insight the hard rock intensity of the groovy "Throwin' Down", the Night Ranger circa mid-Nineties "Tables Turning", and the pretty killer closing number "Dead & Gone", a punchy cut again with a solid guitar work.

As said previously, while the first CranstoN album was good, I resulted pleasantly surprised with "II", a very good melodic hard rock album with an early '90s feeling.
I wasn't expecting this Sabu return to form but the man delivers some of his magic again, add to that better songs and a more polished production, and we have here a very solid new album from CranstoN.
Highly Recommended