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owm reviews december 2015Steve Sheppard of One World Music has written a fantastic review of the latest Tragik album! Some quotes:

  • From the off we are gifted a superb rocking opener in the piece Where Would I Be, which has been likened to Foreigner and I can see why, but there is an extra level of raw power behind this song, the melodic quality of this piece is also well driven and very memorable.
  • Fallen Angel is one of the most incredible songs in the hard rock genre I have heard for a while
  • We now move to the piece called Feed My Soul. The pace of this track is ala Sammy Hagar mixed with a thudding Rhino Edwards (Status Quo bassist); the piano here is also a vital component in a really fine rock song, that at times floats into the territory of Cheap Trick. With great lyrics, a chorus that won’t go away, this is another totally sublime song from Phil Vincent’s Tragik, also listen to the guitar break at just over the half way mark, one word, awesome!
  • One has to give a standing ovation to Phil Vincent for this album, Tragik as a band are quite liberating, they are melodic, but in no way could they ever be described as soft, they have power and intensity, but perform a perfectly balanced style of well-produced rock that still retains that raw edge that all good rock music must contain. In short if you have never heard of this band, you need to rectify that right now by buying this album, Come and Get It.


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rock report - tragikBelgium Webzine Rock Report has published a very favorable review of the latest Tragik album giving it no less that 4.5 out of 5 stars!!


RR review

Always searching for the right label, Phil Vincent found accommodation for his sixth Tragik album with Rock Company from The Netherlands. The first things that caught my eye were the voluptuous lips (botox?) and the enormous boobs (fake?) of the woman on the front cover of "Come And Get It". Although I like attractive women, it's beyond me why she was 'used' for the cover. Indeed, sex sells! But what about the music? Well, although I warned Phil in the past for overkill, I have to admit that this platter is probably the best he has written, recorded, produced and mixed under the moniker of Tragik so far. We all know by now what a workaholic Phil is, but I guess he has excelled himself on this particular album. Eleven songs, written and recorded (in his Muzik Room) between January and October of this year, pass in review and there's something for everyone: 

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Thank you Rock Report!

rock melodico

Spanish website Rock Melodico have written a very humbling review of the latest Tragik album. With Google and some halp it translates to:

Tragik is the creation of Phil Vincent, amongst others vocalist with bands like Legion and Forest Field.

And indeed, this new work 'Come and Get It' is published by the label Rock Company, owned by Peter Cox, leader of Forest Field who participates in the guitars here. It is the sixth release of Tragik and to all the fans of the genre, a sublime work of melodic rock, with the voice of Vincent having a touch of Kip Winger.
There are songs for all tastes: from the initial melodic "Where Would I Be" and "Fallen Angel" outstanding ballad "You Are The One" through "Feed My Soul" with more hard rock elements in "Smoking Gun" It gets more progressive and heavy but still melodic in "Rescue Me / Rise to The Sun," a 12 minutes song with a piano and inbetween a turn to a pop song, with many overlapping keyboards. "Someone's Gonna Hurt You Tonight" is a wave of Hagar Van Halen era, while "Can't Slow Down" is Tragik at their heaviest.
"When Darkness Fall" is more melodious, where the piano carries the rhythm and the chorus is most catchy. "Closer to the Sun" sounds like a Dokken light and the disc ends with "No Words", an instrumental that begins with a guitar lick and towards the end evolves to one guitar with natural background sounds.
The only downside could be that the battery is programmed but they are so well made that you hardly notice. For fans of bands like Boston, Foreigner and Winger, 'Come and Get It' is a must for this year.

* small note, the drums are not programmed but played by Phil but still thanks for this awesome review!


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