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French metal site Metal Integral have published a review on Tainted. You can read the original here, but for those not fluent in French, here an English tranlation:

Melodic rock destabilizing at first listen

Tragik Tainted front500

Tragic, the feeling that crossed my mind listening to the second title Not Over You (Listen) of more than nine minutes. But what do these electronic drum loops come to do in a melodic rock album? Destabilizing at first listen because I find myself immersed in a pop atmosphere, limit dance or disco, fortunately that very good soli come to remind me that TRAGIK plays hard rock!Confusing, really, even if the main melody ends up seducing. This is all the more surprising as the opening song Welcome Backwas imbued with a seventies sound to theWHITESNAKE ... 

TRAGIK likes to vary the pleasures, even taking big risks. In addition, this American trio plays the visual map by displayingplaymates everywhere even inside the digipack . OK for a sexy wallet but here I find the approach too much ! No worries to enter the top 10 
most hot pockets ... 

In the positive, Phil VINCENT sings rather well, I think Michael SWEET of STRYPER including Can not Take It Back . With USinfluences like DOKKEN orWINGER , TRAGIK manages to find unstoppable melodies in the image of Into The Great Unknown with a chorus AOR chorus and simplistic keyboards but placed precisely. Face Of Sorrow shows a tougher face and is part ofTainted's success The content of this disc is however random in quality, the good ( Nobody's There or the energetic Taintedand his superb guitar parts) alternating with the passable ( 'Til I See You Again , Regrets , Heaven). For a seventh record and therefore some experience of musicians (guitar parts are often sublime as the solo of Out Of Nowhere ), I note a lack of homogeneity and consistency of all of these 60 minutes that become a little long ... 

Phil VINCENT : vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and 
Damian programming by ERCOLE : guitars 
Dirk PHILLIPS : drums 

Reviews for Tragik's recent album Tainted keep coming in! Here a few of them:


Brian McGowan calls Phil the insider's AOR hero, so that is quite the compliment in a way. Read his thoughts on the album here. Thank you Brian for your positive review!



woodysrockreviewsPaul Woodward, a.k.a. Woody also gave his view on the album. He says that ‘Tainted’ continues Vincent’s trend of producing solid and enjoyable melodic rock albums and if you’re a fan of Vincent or any of his projects then this will be another welcome addition to your collection. Read his full review here.


zeitgeistAnd last but not least Stuart Hamilton, or Mr. H.,  tells us this is "it’s another enjoyable release for those of who grew up with this kind of music".  He inluded his thoughts in a roundup with a.o. Joe Satriani, so you get something to read here

Tragik Tainted front500

The odayrox website have done an extensive review of Tragik's latest album and they LOVE it!. Here it is:

The always busy Phil Vincent is back with one of his best projects,TRAGIK, and their 7th album "Tainted" to be released tomorrow December 15. Seems that Vincent is concentrated now in his solo career and TRAGIK, and this has paid its dividends. His other bands like D'ERCOLE has been put on hold, and LEGION dissolved.
And while Damian D’Ercole still provides the guitar solos here, and former partner in LEGION Vince O’Regan guest in one guitar solo, this new TRAGIK album is a quite different beast from previous Vincent works.

And that are welcomed news; Vincent / TRAGIK have created a very interesting, different piece of music here. 
For the most part, the DOKKEN influences are gone in favor of a more elaborated recipe of melodic rock with added poppy melodies, electronics, and some lite proggy stuff akin KANSAS.
Of course, the melodic hard rocking tunes are still present as are part of TRAGIK's DNA, such as 'Can’t Take it Back' with a feeling close to DANGER DANGER Paul Laine-era, the modern '‘Til I See You Again', or the extremely melodious 'Regrets' with some BAD HABIT on it.

But TRAGIK explores here other interesting, new territories on this album.
Opener 'Welcome Back' and 'Face of Sorrow' are straight melodic rockers, but with some cool electronics in the backgrond in the vein of recent NEWMAN works, and you have a surprisingly poppy tune in 'Into the Great Unknown' with Swedish-like melodies all over.
Or check the pretty original 'Not Over You (Listen)'. The song blends rocking modern guitars with programmed drums in the '80s way, plenty of sound effects and almost danceable beats.
Title track 'Tainted' is pretty melodic hard rock, but even here the groove is different from anything released by TRAGIK before, then 'Harsh Reality' is a classic funky melodic rocker, but with a modern presentation.

And then we have TRAGIK developing a proggy side, yet very melodic.
'Out of Nowhere' is a midtempo tune with an AORish feeling however the progressive arrangements makes this track one of the most captivating on the album.
Another solid number in this vein appears with 'Nobody’s There', showcasing a KANSAS or even BOSTON influences in the main melody, same with 'Heaven', a quite long composition with pianos, synth atmospheres and smooth vocals.

There's a 'new' TRAGIK / Phil Vincent in "Tainted". 
Forget the (unnecessary) cheesy cover artwork that doesn't reflects what is musically packed inside.
You'll find elaborated songs on this album, always with melody as main focus yet rich in arrangements. It's also really varied, covering different styles with, for the most part, remarkable results.
Strongly Recommended

01 - Welcome Back
02 - Not over You (Listen)
03 - Can’t Take It Back
04 - Into the Great Unknown
05 - Face of Sorrow
06 - Out of Nowhere
07 - ‘Til I See You Again
08 - Nobody’s There
09 - Regrets
10 - Tainted
11 - Heaven
12 - Harsh Reality

Phil Vincent - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums
Damian D’Ercole - Lead & Rhythm Guitars 
Dirk Phillips - Drums 
David Zychek - Guitars, Bass on #12 
Mike Mason - Drums on #12 
Vince O’Regan - Guitar solos on #3, #8