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Very proud to let you all know that the Forest Field album Angels? has won the 2015 Best Rock album award on One World Music Radio! And the best thing is, Tragik reached to place 3 in that same category. So that is 2 albums with Phil in the top 3. How awesome is that?

If you have not that that already, the albums ae still available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Or contact the label directly at www.rockcompany.nl



One World Music have opened their OWMR Awards for 2015. The judges team can vote for Tragik's Come And Get It album in the Rock Album category! This is a huge honor and we thank the One World Music Radio team and listeners for this nomination!



tragik comeandgetit


tragik - come and get itThe latest Tragik album "Come And Get It" will get a CD release on Rock Company! See the somewhat altered front cover on the left.


Originally intended as a digital only release, Rock Company convinced Phil to work together on a CD release for this fantastic album. The album is currently in production and will officially become available on November 27, 2015. Visit the label for more details. There is also an artist page within the label's website, click here.


And last but not least, a video with samples of all tracks has become available too! See below.


tragik - come and get it"Come and Get It" is the 6th album from power trio Tragik. Combining massive hooks, multilayered vocals, heavy guitars, atmospheric keyboards, thunderous bass and drums, and pristine production values, this release fires on all cylinders. From the Foreigner-esque opener "Where Would I Be...?" to heavy rocker "Fallen Angel" to the Journey meets Boston rock of "You Are the One", get ready for a melodic onslaught second to none. This album has it all, metal, hard rock, melodic power ballad, and anything else associated with high quality music. Vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and drummer Phil Vincent has a knack for writing melodic hooks. His time with rockers Legion proved that. Aided by guitarist Damian D'Ercole and guest guitarists Peter Cox, Vince O'Regan, and Billy Roux, "Come and Get It" rocks you to the very core. 12 minute opus "Rescue Me/Rise to the Sun" shows Tragik's prog-rock tendencies and really is a masterpiece. The metal slam of "Can't Slow Down" blasts through your speakers with rough abandon, the Paul McCartney drenched "When the Darkness Falls", the Dokken meets Winger rock of "Someone's Gonna Hurt You Tonight", and the flat out class of "Smokin' Gun" will leave you breathless. This is rock. This is Tragik.

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