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phil vincent - melody and madnessOn CDBaby you can find the new EP Melody and Madness from the songwriters of Legion, Vince O'Regan and Phil.This 6 song album is brimming with massive hooks and crunching guitar. Add to that a top notch production, and you have one thick slice of melodic hard rock performed at a level of excellence only a few can achieve. Phil handles all the vocals and Vince plays all the instruments and together, they created a masterpiece of songwriting and musicianship.

If you thought that with the release of no less than 3 Unreleased albums (see discography) from songs by Phil and Vince O'Regan, you had heard it all... You are wrong. And the nice part is, Phil was so kind as to ask me to put the song Lost Forever up for you to enjoy. Just head on over to the Fan Area to hear and or download it!

forest field - angels

Forest Field, the international project with Peter Cox (instruments) and Phil Vincent (vocals), have announced their new album, Angels?


Phil of course recorded his vocals at The Musik Room (USA) and all instruments were recorded at Down The Road studio (NL), where mixing and mastering also took place. The album has 11 songs, of which several can be sampled in the video below. The music is a mix of melodic rock and progressive rock. Trademarks are not only the beloved vocals and harmonies of Phil, but also the exciting guitar solos by Peter. Some of the tracks are instrumental and range from angelic and soothing, to intricate and rocking.


The album is already on sale at Rock Company, and will ship, despite the official release on September 4, 2015. Enjoy!





It is with both disappointment and extreme excitement that I must announce my departure as vocalist and songwriter of the band Legion. It was an honor and pleasure working with Vince O’Regan and I am very proud of the music we created but the lack of financial support, peripheral interference, and new musical opportunities, have combined to lead me to this decision.
The new ventures that have presented themselves will take precedence for me from this day forward and I must dedicate 100% of my time and effort toward these projects. I am very confident my new musical creations will excite and satisfy my fan base and I look forward to unveiling my music to you and the world. My heartfelt thanks to all the Legion fans for your support over the last 5 years and 7 albums and I look forward to rocking with you again very soon. Keep an eye on  http://www.philvincentbands.com and http://philvincent.com for my next chapter.
With great appreciation,
Phil Vincent