Phil Vincent


It is with both disappointment and extreme excitement that I must announce my departure as vocalist and songwriter of the band Legion. It was an honor and pleasure working with Vince O’Regan and I am very proud of the music we created but the lack of financial support, peripheral interference, and new musical opportunities, have combined to lead me to this decision.
The new ventures that have presented themselves will take precedence for me from this day forward and I must dedicate 100% of my time and effort toward these projects. I am very confident my new musical creations will excite and satisfy my fan base and I look forward to unveiling my music to you and the world. My heartfelt thanks to all the Legion fans for your support over the last 5 years and 7 albums and I look forward to rocking with you again very soon. Keep an eye on and for my next chapter.
With great appreciation,
Phil Vincent


The Your Music Blog site has just published some words on the latest Phil Vincent release Slave To Sin. It goes like this:

The most featured musician on the blog is back with a new release! And even with 30 or so releases under his belt, Phil is still pushing boundaries. So tracks like Slave To Sin and Rise rank amongst the heaviest things he has ever done. With even some growling vocals on the latter, and that´s a first. Bad Girl on the other hand has a fun reference to AC/DC and Let Me Be The One has an almost singer (continue here)

The Your Music Blog site had published a post on the LEgion - V album.


All songs are written by Phil and partner in crime Vince O´Regan (guitars) and overall this is probably the most straightforward and hard rocking band of all things he is involved in. So a mixture of NWOBHM thrown together with catchy eighties hard rock Dokken style. On which the melodies find a perfect soil to shine. Such a pity that the eighties are gone, as this would have been huge. Actually, I can´t think of a reason why it shouldn´t be huge today. Except for the fact that marketing budgets...


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