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Phil has been so kind as to release 4 new bonustracks for all of his fans to enjoy. Just visit the Fan Area and take a listen. And grab them if you want, they are FREE!



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yourMusicBlog again posted a review, this time on the latest Legion album Resurrection. It Reads:

Another new month, so about time for a new Phil Vincent release! Well this one is from last year actually and under the Legion banner. His collaboration with UK inhabitants Vince O’ Regan et al, has proven quite fruitful with 4 albums in 3 years. Well the message stays the same I think. Anybody into Dokken typed hard rock and in need of a straight rock fix, this is what you need. Another 11 tracks of melodic hard rock, with Phil´s trademark vocals (and please pay extra attention to the harmony vocals, he does those very well!), enough guitar riffs to soothe even the most thirstiest of fans and solos galore,... read more here.

 phil vincent - solar flare


"Solar Flare" continues Phil Vincent's journey into melodic hard rock and marks the first all digital release of his career. From the blistering metal of "Coup De Gras" to the hard rock stomp of "Better Walk Away", sit back and enjoy.


Available now through CD Baby, so head on over and get it!