Phil Vincent

 There is a new project in the works called Forest Field. Imagine a mix of progressive rock with vocals and instrumental, ambient / new age typed instrumentals. Phil will be guesting on 2 tracks. Forest Field posted a teaser of one of those:



Hi there,

recently Phil has been uploading a lot of material unto YouTube. So better check his channel here. And while you are there, why not subscribe. Then you will be among the first to find out about new uploads.

Enjoy the music and thanks for your support!

 d'ercole - dreams of the heart Hello people,

proud to announce that a new D'Ercole album is on it's way. Expect a release on May 6.

Keep an eye on the YouTube channel too, new tracks are posted regularly. And while you are there, why don't you join us and subscribe? We love to hear from you!




Songwriters Vince O´Regan and Phil wasted little time after the release of Code Of  Honour and are now back with the third Legion album Nemesis. First review is already in, check it here.

legion nemesis