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 d'ercole - dreams of the heart Hello people,

proud to announce that a new D'Ercole album is on it's way. Expect a release on May 6.

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Songwriters Vince O´Regan and Phil wasted little time after the release of Code Of  Honour and are now back with the third Legion album Nemesis. First review is already in, check it here.

legion nemesis

Brand new single "It's Finally Over"
by Phil Vincent now available at Itunes.
All Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drums by Phil Vincent
Lead Guitars by Vince O'Regan

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Check out the brand new Phil Vincent song "BETTER THINK AGAIN" from his forthcoming CD "HELL ON EARTH"


Better yet, check all the videos on the site! Not only is there a link in the menu, but also there is stuff under the Phil Vincent, Circular Logik and D'Ercole tabs!
And someone posted a video of Legion LIVE on YouTube as well: