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d'ercole - rock scarIt's with great pleasure that we are able to reveal the cover artwork to Dercole's
all new album "Rock Scar" the follow up to 2010's "The art of self destruction".
"Rock Scar" is set for a March 4th release and can be preordered at www.zrecords.net

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Becoming a member has just become interesting... VERY interesting! As a thank you for your support Phil will make free bonus content available.

The first song is in the dedicated member area and there is more to come.

And the best thing is; all FREE!
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LEGION continue to smash all predicted sales expectations for their debut, in

a mere 2 weeks during November Legion screamed into America's NEH Records

top 7 sellers!! not bad for the all new acts debut album. Similar reports

are coming in from other respected stores such as X Records and ST Records

in England in addition to Germany's Music Buy Mail!!!


Who said rock sales where falling, more exciting news coming soon!




LEGION continue to attract major press praise, this time Fireworks Magazine

have joined the never ending list of press support with a fantastic review and in depth

interview with frontman Phil in there forthcoming issue. In addition press in mainland

Europe have started to make a noise about the all new phenomena that is Legion, check

out reviews at Holland's alwaysonrock.com and rockunited.com. One things for sure

more  rave reviews are set to follow! If your one of the few not to have heard Legion

go to www.zrecords.net to hear them for yourself and join the legion!

what the press say about Legion
"One of the outstanding melodic rock releases of 2010, the guitar works astonishing
with vocals to match, simply stunning!!!" Chris Nelson Pheonix Radio
"Hard hitting, melodic and stuffed with memorable guitar driven tunes what's not to like?"
Alan Holloway rockunited.com / fireworks magazine
"this is one of the best albums to come out of Z Records for a long time and with the band
signed up for a five album deal I can't wait the for next  album."  themayfaimallzine.com
" It’s an album full of power and energy and is a thrill ride from beginning to end a real hard
rockin’ goodie!"  Paul Woodward midlandsrocks.co.uk
Boarding this vessel is an act of surrender to the hefty melodic squibs of kick-ass
superheoromusicianism of LEGION. They are here to inhabit planet rock and there is no
antidote, go for your guitars, Legion will cut you up into small worms. Nicky Baldrian / Fireworks Magazine
"The sound is often heavy, the rhythms are big and beefy, and Vince's guitar playing is
superb, boasting a shed load of super-quick solos and boisterous riffs. Phil has rarely
 sounded better to" rockrealms.com