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In the video below you can grab a taste of a number of songs on the soon to be released fifth D'Ercole album Made To Burn!

DERCOLE Made To Burn front500From the mind of Phil Vincent comes the next chapter in the book of melodic hard rock. D’Ercole soon unveil their 5th opus titled “Made to Burn”. This release sees Vincent (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards), Damian D’Ercole (Guitars), and B.F. D’Ercole (Drums) continue their assault on the senses with 12 songs built to satisfy even the most discerning hard rock fan. Also included are the last recorded performances of renowned guitarist David Zychek on “Get Undone”, “Tragedy in Motion”, and “Feel the Burn”. Paul Sabu and Vince O’Regan also lend their immense talents, playing lead guitar on various rockers.

The album will be released on July 18, with a pre order running from June 20. Both here and on iTunes.

But as we all know Phil is the hardest working man in the business, so he put a song online for you to taste. So please go check the beautiful "Out Of Time":

zvpZVP is David Zychek on guitars and bass, Phil Vincent on all vocals, and David Prater slamming the skins. This collection of songs was the last thing recorded by Zychek before his untimely death. Witness the mastery of "Down" with it's King Crimson meets Tremonti style, the majesty of "Ballad of Sorrow", he sheer brute force of "In the Name of Hate" and "The Way it's Got to Be", the Queen meets Disturbed "Stone Cold Killer". and the full throttle melodic onslaught of "Walls of Confusion". ZVP is meant to be played loud. Additional lead guitar added by Vince O'Regan completes these massive tunes. Enjoy the final offerings of a true legendary guitarist whose talent was never fully appreciated. Together with Vincent and Prater, a master performance was achieved and magic was created.

Find the album on CDBaby.