Legion on Rock Report (B) 12-2010

© 2010 Z Rock Records  (ZR 0497142)

melodic rock
studio album
11 tracks – TT 53:59
release date: October 29, 2010
AOR & melodic (hard) rock

It’s quite normal that label bosses talk in superlatives about the acts they’ve signed, but no one can create hypes like Mark Alger (the boss of Z). If we had to believe him, this Legion should/would be a real supergroup. The truth is that Legion is just another melodic rock band that has released an inconspicuous self-titled debut album, nothing more, nothing less. The main men behind Logik are guitarist Vince O’Regan who wrote the music and vocalist Phil Vincent, who came up with the lyrics. The former is known from acts like Kooga, No Sweat, Bob Catley, Pulse, Alibi and Eden, while we all know the latter as the workaholic who has released 12 (mostly indie) solo albums so far as well as albums with the likes of Tragik, Circular Logik and D’Ercole. At the end of my review of D’Ercole’s album (also out on Z Records), I suggested Phil to retire from the scene for a while, because his name popped up on too many releases lately. He didn’t do it and now I’m left with the same feeling I once had with Axel Rudi Pell: overkill … or too many albums from the same musician, filled with material that is easily interchangeable. Count to that a doubtful production and we’re far from a ‘classic’ album. Having said that however, it’s still a pleasure to listen to tracks like “Caught In The Madness”, “Someday” and “Where Were You”. But only three ‘highlights’ on a total of 11 songs is not enough for a supergroup, is it? (CL)

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