Album Review: Legion (self-titled) (2010)

For fans of: Heavy Rock… and late 1980s Whitesnake

Legion - Legion (self-titled)Legion is a new super-group-esque project put together Mr. Boss Man Mark at the UK’s Z Records. The band is Phil Vincent (D’ercole and solo) on vocals, Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley and Eden) on guitars, Gavin Cooper (Lionsheart and Dianno) on bass, and Steve Hopgood (Jagged Edge and Dianno) on drums. The songs were written by Phil and Vince, and put together by the wonders of the world wide web – Phil recorded his parts in America, the remainder of the work was done at various locations across the UK.

The sound is often heavy, the rhythms are big and beefy, and Vince’s guitar playing is superb, boasting a shed load of super-quick solos and boisterous riffs. Phil has rarely sounded better too.

‘Leave Me Alone’ is Whitesnake circa 1987 through and through. It’s a suitably bombastic and exciting opening to the album. ‘Trouble’ continues the 1980s heavy theme. It’s not a world changing song, but good rocking fun all the same. ‘Caught In The Madness’, which is perhaps a notch below the first couple of tracks in terms of catchiness, follows a less raucous path. ‘Coming For You’ heavies up again at the start, but is actually more acoustic-orientated in the verses. It’s a darker track with a decent chorus. ‘Someday’ is a slower rocking ballad that works beautifully. Best track on the album so far.

‘Never Be The Same’ ramps the speed right up. Good track too. ‘Where Were You’ is a tad flat in the verses, but the big symphonic chorus makes up for that. The mid-tempo ‘Too Late’ doesn’t really get anywhere. Shame. ‘Deceiver’ has a cool early 1980s synth vibe that comes and goes. I would have liked it to have dominated the song more. ‘All The Way’ is almost ELO-ish, but retains a strong rock character. The soft-rocking ‘Damage Done’, isn’t a particularly strong finish to the album.

In summation…

Great musicianship, cool vocals. The songs vary in strength, but overall this is a likeable album.

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