legion - code of honour


LEGION have completed work on their follow up to their self titled

critically acclaimed debut. The all new album "Code Of Honour" features

11 blistering tracks that will leave fans speechless. Z Records head

Mark Alger stated " the new Legion is a monster of an album, it seriously

over shadows their amazing debut which I don’t say that lightly. Be prepared

people this is a very special album indeed."


Code Of Honour will be released April 4th with the following track listing

Steal The Show, Long Way Down, Riding On The Wind, Down In Flames,

Living With The Past, Love Aint The Same,  All Is Forgiven, Freight Train,

Take Your Time, Liar,  Hard Times.

Fans of the band can tune into Chris Nelson’s Hair Metal Haven on February

5th when Chris will play some World Exclusive tracks on his show on Phoenix Radio

between 5pm – 7pm UK time www.phoenixradio.co.uk

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