(Aus) 2001

PHIL VINCENT `Tragic’ (Song Haus/AOR Heaven – 55014-2)

Release date: 2001

Tracklist: Stand Or Fall; Where Do We Go From Here?; Cruel; Illusion; So Sad; The Hard Way; Life Is A Game; Matter Of Time; My Life; Long Night; Changing Faces; Hard To Say Goodbye

Playing time: 56:56 min.

Muscians: Phil Vincent (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums)

Producer: Phil Vincent

Maybe some of you can remember my review about Phil Vincent’s last album ‘Thunder In The East’ Back then my biggest criticisms of his album were the too similar sounding songs and the sterile and monotonous drumsound. Well, it seems that Phil has really learned from his mistakes, as `Tragic’ is a great leap forward and none of my former criticisms can be used for this album. The production has finally reached a professional level and the songwriting is much more fluent and varied. The new album features straight up-tempo songs (`;Stand Or Fall’;, `;Cruel’;, `;Life Is A Game’;, `;Hard To Say Goodbye’;) as well as powerful mid-tempo tunes (`;So Sad’;, `;Matter Of Time’;) and rousing ballads (`;Illusion’;), but all with the typical songwriting and arrangements of Phil Vincent. So his preference for dense and atmospheric keyboards, soft pianos, powerful guitar riffs and melancholic melody lines is still setting the tones of his AOR/Melodic Rock songs. It’s hard to compare the music of Phil Vincent with any other artists, as he has a real unique songwriting, but everyone who still listens to Russ Ballard’s `;The Fire Still Burns’; or PLANET P’s `;Why Me?’; should take a listen to this album. As appetizers I recommend `;So Sad’;, `;My Life’; and `;Hard To Say Goodbye’;. Definitely Phil Vincent’s best album so far!

Rating: 80 %

Discography: Rising; Life Is A Game; Calm Before The Storm; No Turning Back; Undone (EP); Thunder In The East

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