Metal to infinity review of Legion

I know the American Legion but I’ve never heard of these guys from Wolverhampton – England. This seems to be a melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band but it takes only a few notes to be astonished, to lay back and enjoy this goodie! In this band we can find back Phil Vincent and guitar player Vince O’ Regan (Bob Catley, Eden Pulse). Furthermore also drummer Steve Hopgood (Jagged Edge) and Lionheart Bass player Gavin Cooper are present. I don’t know if all names are ringing a bell to you but at least the bands they’ve played in should convince you some first class professional musicians are making part of Legion. 
And while writing this review I dig further into this Legion CD and what I discover are fan-tas-tic and fast fingered guitar solos. They fit this kind of melodic Hard Rock / Metal, with an eye of a blink to AOR, very well. I don’t have the feeling listening to a British band by the way although at some points some more melodic NWOBHM tunes can be discovered. Think Elixir in a beautiful mix with Dokken, Whitesnake, House Of Lords, Blue Murder…. Legion seems to be a blistering for all those who are into bands for whom a perfect mixture of hard hitting rhythms and harmonious arrangements are the ultimate goal. This kind of music is easy on the ear, enjoyable from the beginning until the end and refreshing without being innovating! 
One after another emotional and heartbreaking lead is heading your way but mostly they’re supported by riffs that remind me of George Lynch in his older and better Dokken era. Singer Phil Vincent owns an outstanding and mind blowing voice! His timbre is amazingly strong and he takes you by the throat with his ultra extraordinary vocal lines. He’s able to express multiple emotions with his strong lungs, delivering at the right moments a high scream. The guitars and vocals are delivering on the full CD anything to keep the listener close to the boxes. 
The song writing and production are other strong points on this release. As I’ve said before very professional musicians are working together here, makes clear that the foundations of bass and drums are more than worth checking this one out! “Someday” for example, some kind of semi-ballad, is a perfect example of what I am trying to explain and some great symphonic tunes are supporting this song anyway. But as I’ve said before, also in this track, the guitar and vocal performances are godlike! There’s no song I didn’t enjoy but if I have to name some favorites I go for “Leave Me Alone”, ”Trouble”, “Too Late” and “All The Way”. 
Legion is without any doubts a band with a vision although critics could say they’re formed in the wrong decade. I don’t actually agree because to me this kind of Metal is timeless, certainly when it’s good performed! Well structured songs that keep on playing in your mind, guitars that will give you cold shivers and vocals that will leave you behind with eyes wide shut. This is a very strong effort of a band that really needs the right attention. It’s a pity my year list of 2010 is already on line, if I should have known this one sooner…. Check, or  
My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)

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