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By Nick Baldrian

This is such a great album,that rivals any of this years aor albums like Network, Harlan Cage, Promotion, Jesse’s Powertrip, Fergie Frederiksen etc, I think Phil’s time has finally come, mark my words we are going to hear lots and lots and lots and lots about this guy. I mean take a look at his back catalouge – 5 albums in 3 years!!! Say no more!!!

Last years release "No Turning Back" was a slight dissapointment for yours truly, if comapred to his earlier work, but with "Thunder" and his new deal with Song Haus Phil is back on form, and then some!!! This is his superbly latest and greatest opus that continues his style, but thanks to his new studio the sound is more crisp, this album goes beyond an aor melodic rockers wildest dream, opening track "Friend Or Foe" leads Phil through an adrenalin – filled hard rock mayhem, with great hooks, "When Love Is Gone" jabs straight into the heart, listen to the church organ, which add alot of divesity to this brilliant song, a’la Duran Duran and Rick Springfield. Phil’s vocals on this song are incredible,as song that will hopefully one day soon go straight into the charts."Guilty" opens up with some John Carpenter style synthesizers,this is a rousing selection of melodic rhythms,"Eye To Eye" is one of my favorite songs on the CD and has all the makings of classic hard rock and aor, this track has some blockbusting riffs and great vocals from Phil, that can match any of the big bands,"Keeping The Faith" floats along,"Trying To Lose You" is a killer piano lead ballad,"Fooling Yourself" starts off with some poppy keyboards and then gets into a Rick Springfield beat, a very MOR song, smart but not perfect,"Fooling Yourself" would make a great theme for one of those eighties teen movies, this song meanwhile takes on it’s own sweet destination.

Phil’s biggest moment to date comes in the shape of "Into Temptation".The church organs gets the vicars approval and this song is a strong spiritual balladic moment. Here Phil steals the show with his voice which is absolutely slaying me here. Another hit!!! "Forever And A Day" opens up with some rapid drum fire and then rocks out into typical rock by numbers, but this song is another sure fire hit with great melody lines and vocals."Falling From Grace" closes the album in a ball of fluffy aor that makes Phil Vincent one of Americas finest exponents. This album should sell by the bucketloads.

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