More reviews!

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From about all of the world reviews are arriving. So some of the ones we liked best:

  • Aussie site Melodic Rock  hands the second Cranston album a 78%! Not sure what the point with the production is, but we will take it! Thanks Andrew.
  • Dutch site Rockportaal wrote about Legion – Rising, as well as Phil’s latest solo album Hypocrite. Lots of positives too!
  • Dmitry Epstein from DMME rewareded the Legion album with an awesome 4,2 / 5 stars!
  • Another great review comes from France, where Metal Integral applauds Hypocrite with 17/20 points. 
  • And last but not least, Paul Woodward was impressed by Cranston’s second album, naming it one of Phil’s best albums so far!:



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