more reviews!

Here follow the next batch of reviews from around the globe!

therocker the rocker legion

  • Next one is from White Room Reviews (in Dutch) about the Hypocrite album “Hypocrite clearly shows that Vincent is a scene veteran. Especially the guitar playing will convince the listener”
  • Clair & Abscur about Tragik‘s The Power Of Suggestion. A quick Google translate: “What else can I say except that this album reminded me happily of the good memory of Phil Vincent and his companions in Tragik for an anthology of very successful and mostly energetic melodic hard rock songs. It shows a well-established group on its bases but which, with subtle evolutions, manages to avoid the trap-trap to turn in circles. So, no reason to sulk his pleasure.”
  • also one from Germany’s on Tragik “a well crafted album”
  • and last but not least one from Your Music Blog on Hypocrite “in my book the man can do no wrong, great album!”

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