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We have another batch of reviews for you:

  • First from Spanish magazine This Is Rock. In their March 2019 edition they write this about Cranston – II:
    Behind this pretty much warrior-like name hides a duet of prolific Hard Rock artists: Paul Sabu and Phil Vincent. Style-wise it reminds us of Sabu’s “In Dreams,” so if you liked that record, this one won’t disappoint you. The first three tracks are spectacular. “Always On The Run” is catchy and powerful. “What’s It Gonna Take” is reminiscent of Sammy Hagar’s best solo moments. And “Wrong Side Of Town” has a distinctive Celtic touch in its chorus that makes your ears prick. The rest maintains the level, though the impact isn’t as immediate. “I Wish I Had More Time” sounds a bit like Southern Rock and “One Track Mind” distils Sleaze Rock, while “Throwin’ Down” is built around a mastodon riff. They still make quality Rock.
    Enrique Gallardo
  • Next is Rock HArd (SK). Writer Erik Nadudvari gives D’Ercole’s Made To Burn album a 3.5/5 stars and has lots of positives about the album.
  • German site Crossfire hands a 8/10 to Cranston – II. They rank the album somewhere between Giant and Thunder and praise the compositions!
  • From down under we have GloryDazeMusic. First review is for the latest Phil Vincent solo album Hypocrite. Writer George applauds the diversity on offer even when in his mind not all songs are as strong as the best the album has to offer. Final verdict is a 7/10.
  • Second review if for the coming Legion album Risingegion album Rising. Here a wonderful 8.5/10 rating! With many songs regarded as highlights, so all in all a most welcome return to the scene.
  • and last one for today is from Futch metal site Lords Of Metal. They rank Cranston – II with a 70/100.


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