Review Legion – Animal Inside

legion - animal insideGerman website AOR Heaven also writes some reviews for the titles they offer. Here is what they say about new Legion release Animal Inside:


LEGION, the Melodic Hard Rock band assembled by vocalist Phil Vincent and Bob Catley’s guitarist Vince O’Regan are ready to release their 7th CD “Animal Inside”. Legion continues with the batch of one-album-per-year, as bands used to do twenty years ago. And the best part of it is that the quality of the material on offer seems to not decrease. Of all Phil Vincent projects, Legion is the more musically balanced: combines melodic rock with a hard rock edge. “Animal Inside” is much more melodic than the last Legion albums. Whilst the band always has had a definite Dokken influence, over the years Legion developed some kind of own, trademark style. Final quote – Legion confirm they are more than a solid outfit.

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