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From YourMusicBlog:

With a man as busy as Phil Vincent, it is easy to lose track of all his output. Whether solo, with Legion, or in this case D`Ercole, the albums keep coming like there is no tomorrow. The guy´s inspiration has no limitations as I happen to know more output is already on the way. But okay, let´s point ourselves to this album. In the band are Tane DeAngelis on drums, William Arnold on bass, Damian D´Ercole on guitars, Phil handling all vocals (massive harmonies alert once again) as well as keyboards, rhythm guitars and some more drums and Legion buddy Vince O`Regan is handling lead guitars. Which strikes me as a bit odd, as on the previous effort Damian handled most of the solo work if memory serves me right.

Of course the songs here are in the by now familiar Vincent vein. so melodic hard rock, spiced up with keyboards where it adds to the picture to give it that great eighties feel. It rocks hard, it kicks ass and fits seamlessly in the heritage. Which is far from over as you will understand. And when looking back, with a person that writes and records continuously, it is self explanatory several monikers are needed to channel all that material. But hey, as long as I get walls of harmony vocals, loud guitars and songs that can carry the weight, I am not complaining!

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